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The Cycle by Brian McClure Mayers
The Cycle

The Cycle is a riveting story of three generations of men and the challenges they face in the times they live. Their stories are both compelling and humorous. This play will educate, entertain and explain how curses are past down from generation to generation. These curses have slowly eaten away at the family specifically, African American men. Laugh and cry with three of the most colorful characters that help paint a very graphic picture of life as they know it. Learn what has destroyed these men. Discover how these curses developed. Find new ways in your heart and through this play, on how to break, “The Cycle”. Cost includes shipping & autograph

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When A Stranger Comes Home

Coming Soon

The Forest Of Make Believe by Brian McClure Mayers
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First Of The Month by Brian McClure Mayers
First Of The Month

Coming Soon

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